Why amflorisms?

Simple answer, after brainstorming for a simple and catchy name for the blog that also had some meaning, amflorisms came top (samburnsblog no longer really cutting it).

What does it mean?

To be amorphous is to lack ordered form, reflecting the fact that the the blog doesn’t have any definite focus, apart from… Wine, and the wines that get me most excited are forever changing, though they’re usually a bit funky and unusual, and mostly produced in the natural, artisanal idiom. amflorisms is intended as a nod to the amphora, ancient clay pots in which many such wines are fermented, and to the veil of flor yeast under which sherries are aged, both methods that perfectly embody this philosophy.

Who is amflorisms?

amflorisms is the blog of Sam Burns. Having finally taken the leap and abandoned a career in Software Engineering, I’m on my way to turning my passion for wines into practice professionally.